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The Core and deepening into Primary Respiration.

03/12/2020 - 06/12/2020



Meridians in Biodynamic    Craniosacral Therapy  

08/04/2021 - 11/04/2021



Dec 03, 2020, 10:00 PM
Zen Tao Centre - Karangahake Paeroa

 This 4 day postgraduate course will be held  in the natural environment surrounded by trees in the Karangahake Gorge Paeroa. Weekend one or two can be either booked together or individually. 


The seminar is designed to re-cap and deepen into the foundation skills with special interest relating to the core structures and expression of Primary Respiration, the subtle rhythmic expressions of the Breath of Life. We will explore and understand the nature of the tide, it’s rhythms, still points and the intelligence of the inherent life-force as we deepen into stillness. 

The workshop is designed to gain clarity about the embryological formation of our original matrix and midline anatomy,. We will learn how to apply our skills when working with common health conditions seen in our clinical practice and about the role of the tide as a diagnostic tool. In each session we'll spend time to explore and to refine our therapeutic relationship and sensitive touch.  

The workshop will deepen the understanding of working with core structures, the spine, pivotal diaphragms, the brain and ventricles in relationship to the whole system. Each day there will be an emphasis on the clinical relevance of the material taught. There will be time to discuss clients and answer questions regarding treatments.

Mediations and Qi Gong will complement the course. 

Course content: 

Intrinsic health of Primary Respiration - connective tissue matrix - natural and inertial fulcrums - midlines, spine and important junctions LSJ, OAA, SBJ - relating to different diaphragms - RTMS - Brain and NS - Ventricles and stillness - clinical relevance 

Venue: Zen Tao Centre 143 Rahu Rd, Karangahake Paeroa, NZ

Date:    03 - 06 December 2020

Time:    9.30 - 5.30 daily (Day1 - Thursday start 10.00, Sunday finish 4.00 pm)

Cost:     Full Fee                $ 700   (morning - afternoon tea and simple lunch included)

              PACT members   $ 600

              Deposit                 $ 80

Contact: Rielle Mobile 021 301 282, email:

8.-11. April 2021
Zen Tao Centre - Karangahake Paeroa
This postgraduate course is designed to learn about Meridians known in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to use these in Craniosacral treatments.


Meridians and BCST 

This seminar will look at how BCST can incorporate the ancient Meridian system, which has been known by Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. 

The body not only shows its anatomy, but as well presents the state of health of the meridians, Qi flows and Qi centres called Dan Tiens. These are another layer of the human energy system which interphase with Craniosacral dynamics in its own unique way. An introduction to the basics of the Meridian system will be offered. 


The course aims to equip the practitioner with the skill to: 

  • Recognise the 12 regular meridians and extraordinary vessels and to appreciate their   pathways. 

  • Explore the flow of Qi in the meridians 

  • Learn about meridians within the 5 element theory and clinical relevance 

  • Learn to relate to this network with biodynamic touch 

  • Explore the flow of Qi in the meridians 

  • Recognise how Qi supports profound change in the health of the body. 

  • Practice Qi Gong, Meridian tapping and Meditations to support methods to enhance our awareness and felt sense leading into sessions. 

Venue: Zen Tao Centre 143 Rahu Rd, Karangahake  Paeroa NZ

Date:  08 -11 April 2021

Time:  9.30 - 5.30 daily (Day 1 start 10.00 - Day 4 finish 4.00 pm)  


Cost:  Full fee               $ 700-      (morning - afternoon tea and simple lunch included)

           PACT members $ 600 - 

           Deposit               $ 80- 

Contact: Rielle Mobile 021 301 282, email:

Venue -  Zen Tao Centre 


Monday -Wednesday

by appointment 


Gabrielle Friedrich ( Rielle)

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