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Awareness Exercises 

These awareness exercises have been downloaded in the time of one of the biggest shifts on the Planet.

The resources are for you - to tune in with your being  - to be able to orient to consciousness and to return to your Self. 

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Our bubbles and stillnessRielle
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Anxiety and HealthRielle
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Qi Gong and Tai Chi are a branch of the Traditional Chinese Medical system, are a natural form of exercise and are particularly useful to enhance the immune system, so useful at this moment and time. 

Practising Qi Gong and Tai Chi is a beautiful way to improve your health. With all the practices please be aware of your physical condition and limitations and do not exceed your abilities. Do not over stretch and always stay in your comfort zone. If you are in doubt whether you are medically fit to do these Qi Gong - Tai Chi sets  please seek either medical advise or consult with a Qi Gong Tai Chi teacher prior to commencing. No responsibility will be held for any injuries resulting from practising the Qi Gong - Tai Chi sets on this website.

Tai Chi &Qi Gong Warm-Ups

Three DanTien Qi Gong 

The three Dantian Tien (translated as "elixir field", "sea of qi")  are the "Qi focus flow centers". 

Lower DanTien = abdominal cavity

Middle dan tien =  chest cavity

Upper dan tien = Cranial cavity

The Dan Tien are important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigong, and Tai Chi Chuan  and in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Music by: Klaus Schønning &.                         Ding Tian Li Di Melodie 

5 Element Qi Gong 

The 5 Element Qi Gong Video was created for the "Meridian PG" (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

Postgraduate course)  and is to enhance the Qi flow in all 12 meridians. The 2. Part of the video is to potentise the 3 DanTien. Enjoy the practice  and tune in with the underlying true Qi, the ocean, the calm nature and stillness. 

Eight Brocade Qi Gong

Eight Pieces of Brocade or Baduanjin qigong is one of the most common forms of Chinese Qi Gong used as exercise. It is consistent of eight separate exercises, each focusing on a different physical area and Qi meridian 

1. Two Hands push the Heavens = Triple   


2. Drawing the Bow = kidneys and spleen

3. Separate Heaven and Earth = stomach

4. Wise Owl Gazes Backwards = neck

5. Sway the Head and Shake the Tail =          heart and lungs

6. Bend + hold the Feet = Kidneys, Waist

7. Clench the Fists and Glare Fiercely =    

   increasing vitality and muscular strength

8. Bouncing on the Toes = smoothen Qi

Nourishing Qi

Tai Chi Four Directions short set

This short set of Tai Chi is based on Yang-Style and its foundation movements.

Commencing -  Preparation, Beginning

Grasp Sparrow's Tail  

  1. Ward Off (Bīng, 掤)

  2. Rollback (Lǚ, 捋)

  3. Press (Jǐ, 擠)

  4. Push (Àn, 按)

This short form can be practiced with limited space.

It can be seen as a "respectful salutation" into the four directions :    North - East -South and West.  

Enhancing Qi Flow and Immunity

Qi is the life-force that flows through the universe and though us. Qi flows freely  when there are no restrictions, compressions or hinderances. Where Qi flows blood follows.  Where there is Qi

and blood there is function and good immunity. 

By practicing the shaking Qi Gong we have the ability to let go of any tensions and the gentle movement allows a better passage of Qi.

The tapping with a cupped hand should be painless. The vibration moves Qi - you can imagine you are penetrating all the way to the marrow. As the vibration goes through your body it opens the channels/meridians and joints and releases tension.

Nature Impressions

Nature Impressions 

In this very moment there is time and space to stop and to take a closer look at what is around. Nature reveals its magical beauty and sensational richness to all of us - if we take time to be present. 

Photography by Tomek Friedrich 

Contact: Rielle  
Ph: 027 862 8448

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