Rielle’s Tai Chi & Qi Gong Journey

Rielle Friedrich started her Qi Gong and Tai Chi journey in 1980 in Germany. With different teachers she has been studying various Qi Gong and Tai Chi styles. Rielle has been teaching since 1983; in 2001 she opened the “Zen Tao Tai Chi”  school, where she runs regular classes in Paeroa, New Zealand.

Qi Gong retreats are offered here and in other locations. 

Rielle works as a health practitioner at her own practice “Health in Motion”, Clinic for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.

Qi Gong Day

20 March 2021

The Qi Gong Day is designed to enhance our energy and wellbeing. At Vaughan Park Retreat Centre -Long Bay/ Auckland.

From: $200

Qi Gong - Tai Chi classes


Monday         2.00 and 3.15 pm

Wednesday   6.00 pm 


8.-11. April 2021
Zen Tao Centre - Karangahake Paeroa ,
143 Rahu Road, Karangahake 3674, New Zealand

Qi Gong is a way to improve and maintain our physical, mental and spiritual health. It is a form of exercise and vital part of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its roots go back thousands of years; and different practices have developed according to the needs of times.

Until early 1900 Qi Gong exercises have been kept secret in China. Now various styles are taught openly worldwide, and research has confirmed its many benefits. Regular Qi Gong practise can support our wellbeing and health, and can help to overcome anxiety and stress of daily living. Qi Gong is an excellent method to self-regulate. When practising Qi Gong our body is relaxed, the breathing calm, movements are slow and our mind focusing on the flow, expansion and cultivation of Qi.

The course content:​​

  • Self awareness, Health Improvement, Disease prevention  

  • Boost your energy with Qi Gong

  • Basics: Posture, breath and mind

  • Enhancing our ability to sense and build Qi

  • Perception of 3 Dan Tien -Qi fields and exchange of external and internal Qi

  • Sets of Qi Gong  / Meridian Qi Gong

  • Short Qi Gong set (useful to support our patients)

  • Qi Gong in Nature (weather permitting)

  • Meditation

All levels of experience welcome.

Venue:  Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre,  1043 Beach Road, Long Bay, Auckland 0630

When: Saturday  20 March 2020,  9.00 am - 5.00 pm


Cost:   PAANZ and PACT members   $ 200  ( due 1. March 2020, if late registration, please contact Rielle) )

            Others                                       $ 250

            (to reserve your place now )  $ 50    ( Registration fee )


Price Includes: tuition, morning-afternoon tea, lunch  


Registration: www.healthinmotion.co.nz/qi-gong-tai-chi

Contact and Info:  Rielle 021 301282 or email: zentao.nz@gmail.com  

Payment: Please pay via Internet Banking:

Account name: ZENTAO

Account number: 02 0396 0082339 00

Please use your name as reference and Qigong Day as Code

Retreat teacher:  


Rielle Friedrich 

Teacher for Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Physiotherapist, Phys.-Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapist  

Contact and Info:  Rielle 021 301282 or email: zentao.nz@gmail.com   or    healthinmotion.nz@gmail.com

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