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Meridians in Biodynamic        Craniosacral Therapy    2
Meridians in Biodynamic        Craniosacral Therapy    2
16 - 19 May 2024
Nelson - Fellworth House

The seminar is the second “Meridian postgraduate course“ and is designed to review and deepen into the field of BCST incorporating the 12 primary meridians, powerful master-points, extraordinary meridians, embryology and deepening into Tides and Primary Respiration.

Qi Gong and awareness meditations will be a component to help sensing and self regulating the Qi in our body.
This course is open to all BCST practitioners; people who have attended “Meridian I” and those new to the meridian system. An introduction/ review to the basics of the meridians will be offered.

In this postgraduate course we will look at how BCST can incorporate the ancient meridian system, which has been known by Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Meridians are another layer of the human energetic system which interphases with Craniosacral dynamics in its own unique way.

Course Layout - Deepening into the meridian network
Thursday-Friday: review of the 12 principal meridians and expand on potent Acupunture master-points and their therapeutic application.
Saturday - Sunday: the four core extraordinary meridians, embryology, Tides and deepening into Primary respiration.
Practice of Qi Gong, meridian tapping and meditations to enhance our awareness and felt sense will be part of the daily schedule.

The course aims to equip the practitioner with the skill to:

  • Recognise the 12 regular meridians, extraordinary meridians and to appreciate their pathways and Qi flow - learn      about potent acupuncture points

  • Learn about meridians within the 5 element theory

  • Recognising meridian imbalance, diagnostic patterns and clinical relevance

  • Relate to the meridian network with biodynamic touch

  • Explore Qi, Tides & Primary Respiration supporting profound change in the body’s


  • Practice Qi Gong

Venue:   Fellworth House 193 Milton St, The Wood, Nelson.

Date:  16. -19. May 2024 

Time:  9.30 - 5.30 daily  - (Day 4  9.00 - 4.00 pm)  

Contact: Rielle Mobile 021 301 282, email:

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