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Craniosacral Touch  Introduction
Craniosacral Touch  Introduction
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Zen Tao Centre - Karangahake Paeroa

Craniosacral Touch

This introductory course is based on the principles of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a hands-on non-manipulative approach that works gently with the whole body to improve its health and the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Craniosacral therapy offers a holistic approach, tapping into the intrinsic intelligence of the organism to naturally adjust from within towards greater health. 


In this weekend course we will learn the basics, we will explore the unity of structure and function of the body and the inherent Craniosacral system and rhythms. The course offers techniques to promote relaxation, body awareness and healing from within.

We use self awareness meditations and perception exercises for sensing the interconnected whole of the body. In partner sessions we will practice the quality of touch and exact hand positions to facilitate re-organisation of structures. We practice presence, neutral touch and listening to the tissue, fluid and energetic fields. Deepening into stillness  allows the body to re-connect to its healing resources.


Course content:  

  • Practitioners Presence 

  • Relational Fields

  • Craniosacral Touch 

  • Living Anatomy 

  • The Midline

  • Breath of Life and Craniosacral Rhythms 

  • Stillness and Resources 

  • Inherent Health 


This course is suitable for anyone new to this field, and designed to improve  ones own self development and Health. Craniosacral touch can be practised for oneself , family and loved ones; it is not intended to be used in a clinical therapy situation.  


Venue: Zen Tao Centre - 143 Rahu Road, Karangahake 3674, New Zealand 

When: 15. - 16. July 2023

Time:   Sat.  9.30- 5.00  Sun: 9.30 - 4.00 

Cost:    $  350 

Deposit: $ 50 ( non-refundable) to reserve your place                                                                                                                            Price Includes: tuition, morning and afternoon tea, plus nourishing lunch 


Contact: Rielle Friedrich   or Mobil:   021 301282  

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