Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Rielle is an international senior tutor for Body Intelligence 

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Meridians in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
8.-11. April 2021
Zen Tao Centre - Karangahake Paeroa
This postgraduate course is designed to learn about Meridians known in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to use these in Craniosacral treatments.


Meridians and BCST 

This seminar will look at how BCST can incorporate the ancient Meridian system, which has been known by Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. 

The body not only shows its anatomy, but as well presents the state of health of the meridians, Qi flows and Qi centres called Dan Tiens. These are another layer of the human energy system which interphase with Craniosacral dynamics in its own unique way. An introduction to the basics of the Meridian system will be offered. 


The course aims to equip the practitioner with the skill to: 

  • Recognise the 12 regular meridians and extraordinary vessels and to appreciate their   pathways. 

  • Explore the flow of Qi in the meridians 

  • Learn about meridians within the 5 element theory and clinical relevance 

  • Learn to relate to this network with biodynamic touch 

  • Explore the flow of Qi in the meridians 

  • Recognise how Qi supports profound change in the health of the body. 

  • Practice Qi Gong, Meridian tapping and Meditations to support methods to enhance our awareness and felt sense leading into sessions. 

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