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Brain - Heart & Consciousness 2
Brain - Heart & Consciousness 2
Jan 01, 2024, 9:30 AM
Zen Tao Centre - Karangahake Paeroa

This four-day postgraduate seminar we will deepen our understanding of structure, function and potency of the brain. The brain senses the world. Throughout life our awareness forms neural connections and our brain regulates itself, though our consciousness can be buried under momentary stress, dysfunction and disease. Treatments towards reorganisation of the brain can bring the brain back to its original potential.

When listening to the brain, we cannot ignore the heart.  When the nervous system relaxes, the heart opens.

In this course we will differentiate important brain areas, explore neurones, glial cells, the fibre tracts and sense neural flow and potency of the brain. We will learn about new science and the importance of glial cells, CSF and the glymphatic system.

We will explore the neural matrix in its expressions of primary respiration. We will fine-tune our sensitive touch to contact the brain in a way to support change and support neuroplasticity.

The Heart Brain, having developed together, have an intricate network of neurons and a unique blood flow. The physical and energetic Heart plays an extraordinary role in our lives. The interaction and communication between the heart and the brain play a monumental role in deciding bodily health. 

This course is open to all BCST practitioners.


Course Content 

  • Brain, spinal cord and the Neural Matrix - Neuroplasticity

  • Neuroglia and Glymphatics

  • Corpus callosum and fibre tracts  

  • Limbic system and Insula 

  • The heart - brain interaction and Heart as the Centre of Circulation

  • Brain Heart embryology and interconnection 

  • The Pineal gland - tuning device to rhythm of the universe

  • Various States of Consciousness and 

  • Primary respiration - Expression of the brain in different Tides

  • Clinical relationship 


Practice of Qi Gong and experiential meditations to enhance our awareness and felt sense will be part of the daily schedule.

Venue: Zen Tao Centre 143 Rahu Rd, Karangahake  Paeroa NZ

Date:  2.-5. November 2023

Time:  Day 1+ 3: 9.30 - 5.30       Day 4 : 9.00 -  4.00 pm 


Cost:   Deposit               $ 80- 

             Fee                      $ 630    PACT members / $  700 non-PACT   (morning - afternoon tea and nourishing lunch included)


Expression of interest :             

Contact: Rielle Mobile 021 301 282, email:

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